Photovoltaic (PV) Solar
Reduce your carbon footprint

Save Money And The Environment. Complete range of PV Solar Solutions available direct from FG Trew. Solar panels convert the suns energy to warm your water and power your home, saving you money on you energy bills in the process, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Electricity Cost Example
Solar Electricity
Generate your own free electricity all year round
Get paid for electricity you generate - earn up to     £755 every year

Solar Hot Water
Generate your own free hot water all year round
Get paid for electricity you generate - earn up to    £167 every year

Your Solar Panel checklist

» Have an un-shaded South facing roof (SE and SW are also suitable)
» A minimum of approximately 8m2 of roof space (see each product for specific areas)
» A roof angle of no less than 22 degrees
» Planning permission (we recommend you check if this is required prior to proceeding     with your install)
Why buy a solar panel system from FG Trew Energy

» High quality systems at reduced prices, due to our large purchasing power as a    leading scheme provider of solar systems
» Generous guarantees on your solar systems (see each product for specific     guarantees)
» Benefit from our wealth of knowledge, experience and support, following over 10 years     of experience in the energy efficiency sector
» Highly trained and experienced Energy Efficiency Advisors (available Monday-Friday     8am-6pm & Saturday 9am-12pm)
» A free no obligation home suitability assessment of your property
» Accredited Microgeneration Certification Standard (MCS) installers

Plus, in addition to this, you can expect the following benefits from installing solar systems on your property:

» Reduce and future-proof your fuel bills – sunlight is free so once you have paid for the    initial installation, your bills will be significantly reduced for the lifetime of the system
» Earn an income and a guaranteed return on your investment – with the Feed-in-Tariff    (FiT) and proposed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) (see each product for details)
» Cut your carbon footprint – solar panels use the renewable resource of the sun and do    not release harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants, unlike conventional energy    generation practices
» Minimal maintenance

P.S. Don´t just take our word for it!

Read our testimonials regarding the renewable energy solutions installed on behalf of our customers.