Photovoltaic (PV) Solar
Reduce your carbon footprint


Generating your own electricity at home with Solar PV technology isn’t just a great way to bring down your carbon footprint – it can also significantly reduce your energy costs and allow you to receive a regular income from the government-backed Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Benefits of investing in Solar PV technology from FG Trew include:

Clean Energy and a Reduced Carbon Footprint

Installing solar panelling is one of the most effective ways of making a positive contribution towards protecting the planet. Solar power is a limitless source of free, clean energy. With FG Trew Green Energy, energy-saving solar PV technology you can use solar power to generate electricity in your home, increasing your energy efficiency and cutting down your bills.

FG Trew Green Energy, solar PV can generate around 40% of a typical home’s annual electricity needs, making a significant dent in your carbon footprint. Each kilowatt-peak (kWp) of electricity produced through solar PV can save approximately 455 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions compared with electricity generated from fossil fuels*.

When we install new solar PV technology, we can also top up your loft insulation and provide cavity wall insulation where necessary. This will reduce heat loss, making your home even more energy efficient.

Homes with solar panelling are an increasingly attractive proposition for buyers, so your installation could also significantly increase the market value of your home.

*Source: Low Energy House

Get Cash Back for Exporting Electricity

Solar technology from FG Trew Green Energy isn’t just a great way to help the environment – it’s also a fantastic investment. A solar PV system that is eligible for the Feed in Tariff can save you money in three ways.

By providing around 40% of a typical home’s annual electricity needs, Solar PV technology will significantly lower your energy bills. The average household could save around £120 per year on their electricity bills in this way.

The Generation tariff is a government-backed scheme through which your energy supplier will pay you for all the electricity you generate using Solar PV technology – whether you use it all or not! In the course of a year a typical household could earn around £770 from this scheme.*

If you generate more electricity than your home requires, the surplus will be fed straight back into the national grid. The Export Tariff is a scheme through which you receive an additional payment from the energy supplier for every unit of electricity you export back to the grid. A typical home will earn a further £30 per year from this scheme.

These tariffs stand at 41.3p per kWh for the Generation Tariff and 3p per kWh for the Export Tariff. Both tariffs are linked to the RPI and are guaranteed for 25 years.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust

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