Rainwater Harvesting
Raining in the cost of water

Stormsaver is the UK market leader for rainwater recovery and recyclecling.

Stormsaver is the UK market leader for rainwater recovery and recycling. Specialising solely in providing UK-designed and manufactured rainwater harvesting systems,

Stormsaver is highly respected by its peers and the construction industry at large, becoming the preferred choice for public and private clients time
and time again.

Rainwater is a precious resource. Upredictable rainfall in the UK due to climate change resulted in drought conditions during 2006 and in 2007 many homes and commercial premises were flooded.

Harvesting rainwater can help to overcome both problems; by providing a constant supply of water during dry conditions and by diverting excess rainfall, relieving the pressure on local drains that leads to flooding.

There are other benefits to harvesting rainwater; you can REDUCE mains water consumption, REDUCE mains water bills and REDUCE your carbon footprint.

All our rainwater recovery systems are designed to meet your site specific requirements.

We take into account a number of factors, including:

• The roof area of your building
• Local rainfall (based on 40 years MET office figures)
• Water demand and occupancy levels
• Any existing specification or specific site requirements
• Filter co-efficient
• Your budget

FG Trew in conjunction with Stormsaver offer a selection of commercial and domestic rainwater harvesting systems. Please select one below to view.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Solutions
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