Rainwater Harvesting
Raining in the cost of water

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Stormsaver is the UK's leading supplier of rainwater harvesting systems.
Every year, Stormsaver delivers more rainwater harvesting systems than any other company.

The need to capture, store, filter and reuse rainfall is becoming more and more important. As water companies increase their prices and the population grows, demands on mains water continue to rise. Coupled with consumer demand for companies to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting is increasingly sought after by both the general public and commercial organisations.

Rainwater harvesting isn't just about the environment though. Stormsaver's rainwater harvesting systems help companies save money. By capturing, storing and reusing rainfall, Stormsaver clients can save thousands of pounds each year on water bills.

A Rainwater Harvesting System Suited To You
All Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems are developed to meet our clients' site-specific requirements.

The individual requirements of the system will be based on supply and demand rates being calculated as part of the building design.  Stormsaver offers a choice of systems:

Our processor unit features an automatic filter cleaning system, which connects to a header tank for back-up and failsafe protection.

Our unique ram processor unit with its automatic filter cleaning system connects directly to the point of use without the need for a header tank.

Combi System

The Combi System combines back up storage, automated cleaning filters and variable speed booster pumps can provide a pressurised water supply for commercial applications.

Above Or Below
The majority of Stormsaver's systems feature an underground storage tank but should a building require it, we can supply a system with an above ground tank.

Monitoring units
We offer a selection of high quality monitoring units suitable for commercial, retail or industrial sites to demonstrate your organisation's achievements in water conservation.

Additional Products

All Stormsaver systems are developed to suit site conditions.  Options are available to enhance the standard system, including UV disinfection, additional tank management equipment, duty and standby pumps, booster sets, BMS connections and bespoke header tanks.

Whatever you need, Stormsaver can help.  From site surveys, quotations, design advice, site-specific drawings and manuals and pre-commissioning visits.  All this is backed-up by guidance from our specialist support team.

All Stormsaver systems come with a two year warranty.

Enhancing Your Rainwater Harvesting System

Stormsaver's standard systems ensure you save money by saving water day in, day out.

We offer a range of additional features, such as monitoring units and building management systems, to enhance our systems and meet specific needs of clients in commercial and education sectors as well as those needing remote access.

Monitoring Units For Commercial And Educational Buildings
Stormsaver offers a unique selection of monitoring units, perfect for receptions, communal areas or meeting rooms. These informative displays show how much rainwater has been saved today and the overall amount of rainwater and mains water used since the system was commissioned.

The units can have an automatic daily reset or manual reset so that school pupils can actively record water use each day.  Our educational unit is colourful and child-friendly and shows how the rainwater system works.  Our commercial unit is offered in a sleek, contemporary design, suitable for any entrance or reception area.

Building Management System Connections
Remote access and monitoring of Stormsaver systems is straight forward with our Building Management System (BMS), which allows people to clear the filter alarm; see warnings such as zero flow, low tank content and pump error; and see the indicators for flow detection, mains water and rain water usage as well other bespoke requirements.

UV Disinfection
In cases where filtered rainwater may create an aerosol, we always recommend additional disinfection.  This is also advised in buildings where occupants may be regarded as at risk due to their susceptibility to infection, such as the young, elderly or those with low immune systems.

Other sectors – such as the prison service, food industry or the healthcare sector – should consider health implications and include disinfection.

Our intelligent UV disinfection units can connect to your BMS and can accommodate flow rates of up to 5.8 litres a second.  Larger flow rates can be achieved with bespoke units or by installing the units in parallel.

As an alternative to UV disinfection, Stormsaver can offer automatic dosing systems – dependent on site-specific requirements.

Booster Sets
Boosting the supply from our processor unit at direct pressure over a long distance or to a substantial height may require a booster set.  These systems can be sized on application to meet site-specific requirements.

Duty And Standby Pumps
One submersible pump is supplied as standard with our tank management equipment.

We offer the option to include a duty and standby arrangement where the pumps operate in sequence to extend their life and to give a back-up in the unlikely event of a single pump failure.
FG Trew in conjunction with Stormsaver offer a selection of commercial and domestic rainwater harvesting systems. Please select one below to view.

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